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In July 2020 I was sitting on a couch in Wildwood, NJ ranting to my boyfriend about the culinary industry. In many aspects, the blueprint of my job was designed for a man – including the required workwear. I stated “If I had the means, I would make chef wear for women myself” He said “why don’t you? Just do it anyways.” So I set off on a mission to bring a new generation of chef wear to the women in my industry. YellowJacket Chef Wear was born out of 14 months of careful consideration, design, collaboration, samples, redesigns, trips back and forth to the garment district in NYC, phone calls, laughter, tears, you name it. 

The creation of the YJ original was truly a labor of love, and a nod to the dedication of women in the culinary field who support one another so vehemently. 

The longer we worked on this project; the more inspired and connected I began to feel to the women of this industry. It became ever-more important to me to create a brand that catered to those individuals exclusively; in a way that exudes professionalism, support, power, and respect.

I spent hours on social media groups and forums for female chefs, asking them what they wanted out of a chef-coat. What would their dream jacket look like, what do they love or hate about their current workwear? I took every word into account, and applied the most common responses into the design process. In early 2021, my first samples were ready to debut. I was adamant that these samples be reviewed by real chefs, real women, of all different shapes and sizes. We shipped the samples out to 25 professional chefs, and waited patiently to collect feedback and reviews.

YellowJacket Chefwear Womens Chefwear Black Short Sleeve Coat Jacket Ladies Female Chef Wear Uniform Model Nikki Hanna

At the end of the process, as we began to prepare for pre-orders to open., I was taken aback at the support and encouragement this project received from the community I am aiming to serve. It turned into a very complicated a “group project”. I am incredibly grateful to have heard the voices of so many women who understood and supported my goal, and gave me the insight I needed to bring this garment to life. The future is bright for female chefs, and I am glad to have the ability to help lift those women up. This is just the beginning for YellowJackets, and we’re so glad to have shared it with you all.

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Workwear for unstoppable females. You are a badass; you know it, I know it, now we can finally dress the part.

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